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Tree planting can help slow global warming, but it’s no panacea, climate experts say

Science News | 
.... There’s room to plant enough trees, albeit many, many, many trees, to counter a big chunk of the planet-warming ...
coral spawning

As the ocean heats up, coral reproduction is thrown out of step

Science News | 
Bad timing for coral sex might be an underappreciated threat of climate change. Spawning is out of sync for at ...

How do you make a lab-grown burger?

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In July, [the alternative-meat] movement passed a new milestone: In a packed auditorium in suburban Maryland, the FDA convened the ...
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How do you define ‘species’? Turns out, it’s not so easy

Science News | 
At first glance, “species” is a basic vocabulary word school children can ace on a test by reciting something close ...
CEW on Corn SR

Climate change may speed up pest’s tolerance of insect-resistant GM Bt corn

Science News | 
Climate change might be great news for pests looking to munch on genetically modified crops, researchers propose. In particular, researchers ...