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trade war

Viewpoint: Not all US farmers are yet being hurt by the tariff trade war with China—but the future is shaky

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Farmers like to say that you can't count on a harvest until it actually comes in — but I'm ready ...

California drought highlights need for genetic engineering of crops

Sacramento Bee | 
In this time of unprecedented drought, much attention has been focused on the use of water for farms to grow ...

Another farmer’s response to Chipotle’s agriculture take down

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
In the boardrooms of Madison Avenue, they call it “values branding”: a marketing strategy in which a company tries to ...

No labeling needed when consumers know the whole truth

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
The following is an excerpt. Shop at Whole Foods. Spend your Whole Paycheck. That’s the popular description of the upscale ...

Getting GM salmon to dinner table faces political hurdles

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
Now that the FDA has declared GM salmon safe to eat, the fish could become more abundant and less expensive ...

“Just Label It” crowd’s true mission is to ban GM crops

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
Anti-biotech activists are like zombies in a horror movie: No matter how many times you defeat them, they keep snapping ...

The unintended consequences of California Prop 37

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
So let’s exercise our right to know. Prop 37 is widely described as a referendum to require special labels for ...

A costly California food labeling proposal

The state of California is all but bankrupt–yet professional activists have figured out a way to send us even further ...