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Redefining artificial intelligence: It could work more like a ‘search engine’ than a human brain

Singularity Hub | 
With respect to AI, [engineer Eric] Drexler believes our view of an artificial intelligence as a single “agent” that acts ...

After dodging a ban, what’s in store for gene drives in 2019?

Singularity Hub | 
With gene drive techniques, we could—perhaps rapidly and inexpensively—wipe out malaria’s hosts for good, and consign it to the list ...

Augmented memory: This researcher wants to record every minute of his life

Singularity Hub | 
If we are nothing more than the sum of our memories and our experiences, how much of ourselves do we ...
self driving

Self-driving cars and life or death decisions: Who gets to define morality for these machines?

Singularity Hub | 
You’re driving along the highway when, suddenly, a person darts out across the busy road. There’s speeding traffic all around ...

Cross-country road trip gave AI a chance to write a novel—the result was a bit ‘surreal’

Singularity Hub | 
Last year, a novelist went on a road trip across the USA. The trip was an attempt to emulate Jack ...

Nanofabrication: Technology to manufacture almost anything

Singularity Hub | 
James Burke has a vision for the future. He believes that by the middle of this century, perhaps as early as ...
gene editing

Navigating the ‘promise and peril’ of bioengineering

Singularity Hub | 
We’re standing on the threshold of extraordinary capability in synthetic biology. CRISPR-Cas9, the genome editing technique discovered in 2014, is ...
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