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Not quite total recall: How limits on what humans can remember is helping us ‘teach’ AI

Shelly Fan | 
An artificial neural network learns by adjusting synaptic weights—how strongly one artificial neuron connects to another—which in turn leads to ...

Meet the cyborg who can help decode the human brain

Shelly Fan | 
His motion capture suit, sensor-embedded gloves, and virtual reality eyewear were already enough to turn heads. But what stopped people ...

‘Swallowable surgeons’: Battalion of salt-crystal sized microbots in development that could revolutionize medicine

Shelly Fan | 
Drs. Marc Miskin, Itai Cohen, and Paul McEuen at Cornell University spearheaded a collaboration that tackled one of the most pressing ...
venus life puzzle nasa scientist baffled by unknown chemistry discovered

Venus shows signs of life. Here’s what it means

Monica Grady | 
We have only had the briefest of glimpses of a barren landscape from the two Russian landers that made it down to ...
screenshot our salmon — wildtype

Could lab-grown sushi save rapidly declining fish populations?

Vanessa Bates Ramirez | 
[A]according to the Global Aquaculture Alliance, 3.1 billion people around the world now rely on fish and seafood for a ...
Nature has given us a blueprint for longevity. We just need to decode it

Nature has given us a blueprint for longevity. We just need to decode it

Shelly Fan | 
Our aging process extends for years, during which we experience a slew of age-related disorders. Diabetes. Heart disease. Dementia. Surprisingly, ...

Electroacupuncture: Promising pain therapy or quackery?

Shelly Fan | 
One idea [for alternative pain relief] is to specifically stimulate nerves that act as highway carriers of pain signals and ...
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One year in, 9 boys with muscular dystrophy show remarkable progress from gene therapy

Vanessa Bates Ramirez | 
Nine boys aged 6 to 12 who have been living with [Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy] since birth received a gene therapy ...
shutterstock ai ethics and the business of trust marc ambasna jones x

Teaching AI to think ethically

Edd Gent | 
[M]athematicians have developed a model that can help businesses spot when commercial AI systems might make shady choices in the ...

Concerned about ‘fake news’? It could get a lot worse with AI

Vanessa Bates Ramirez | 
Fake news has certainly become a widespread and insidious problem, and in a year when we’re dealing with both a ...
young x

Unlocking the ‘deepest secrets of our brains as we grow and age’

Shelly Fan | 
Just as our human relationships and connections can nudge, push, or dramatically shift societal values and consequences, the connections between ...

Bioprinting human ears inside living mice—all without a single surgical cut

Shelly Fan | 
Tissue engineering just got wilder and weirder. Using nothing but light and bioink, scientists were able to directly print a ...
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Platinum mesh device moves us closer to wearable or implantable artificial kidney

Vanessa Bates Ramirez | 
Kidneys clean our blood using nephrons, which are essentially filters that let fluid and waste products through while blocking blood ...
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Monkey mind control? Ultrasound pulses influence decision making

Shelly Fan | 
A team of scientists was pulsing imperceptible ultrasound waves through his skull into frontal parts of his brain, and tacitly ...
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Ultimate fitness hack: Imagine being able to build muscles with a gene therapy

Vanessa Bates Ramirez | 
Trying to hack fitness is a multi-million-dollar industry; we’ve all seen at least one ad featuring a purported miracle product ...
must see excavation sites in turkey

‘AI in archeology’ pinpointing new excavation sites at an ‘unimaginable’ pace

Peter Rejcek | 
Archaeologists have uncovered scores of long-abandoned settlements along coastal Madagascar that reveal environmental connections to modern-day communities. They have detected ...
alien hydrogen planet concept

A different approach to finding alien life: What if ET breathes hydrogen instead of oxygen?

David Rothery | 
The first time we find evidence of life on a planet orbiting another star (an exoplanet), it is probably going ...
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Smartphone DNA testing app offers ‘ultra-portable’ health and environmental monitoring tool

Edd Gent | 
On-the-spot DNA tests could prove invaluable to doctors, farmers, and officials responsible for food safety or environmental monitoring. Now Chinese ...

‘Digital’ contact tracing: How would the US react to coronavirus containment effort that tracks our cell phones?

Shelly Fan | 
There’s a reason contact tracing has survived the test of time: it works. Thanks to epic efforts at hunting down ...