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Explaining consciousness: These 2 brain networks show how we turn experiences into memories

Vanessa Ramirez | 
One of the most recent studies showed a clear relationship between two brain networks critical to consciousness. In a paper ...
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Custom 3D printed bone implants could revolutionize reconstructive surgery

Marc Prosser | 
Become partially android for a couple of years while your body heals itself. It may sound far-fetched, but for patients ...
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Plummeting prices for genetic sequencing open ‘Pandora’s box of ethical concerns’

Edd Gent | 
The speed at which the price of genetic sequencing has fallen has been astonishing, from $50,000 a decade ago to roughly $600 today ...
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Common form of inherited blindness shows ‘massive improvements’ with experimental gene therapy

Shelly Fan | 
This month, K.L. became one of the first patients to receive a new experimental gene therapy for children with a ...
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We’re better at fighting epidemics because of advances in genetic sequencing, synthetic biology and a willingness to collaborate

Shelly Fan | 
It’s impossible not to draw parallels between SARS and the new coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, that’s been ravaging China and spreading ...

Targeting super bacteria with artificial intelligence yields ‘powerful’ discovery

Jason Dorrier | 
We’re now facing the emergence of strains of super bacteria resistant to one or more antibiotics and an aging arsenal ...
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Smartphone as a ‘mood predictor’? This study wants to know if phone-captured data can predict depression

Shelly Fan | 
With digital health, anyone with a wrist wearable or smartphone could potentially contribute in the largest studies ever attempted by ...
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‘Serious trouble’ for the natural world. Can synthetic biology protect it by redesigning insects and saving threatened species?

Peter Rejcek | 
A paper in the journal PLOS Pathogens described how they synthetically engineered mosquitoes to stop the spread of dengue fever, a viral tropical disease ...
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‘It takes a world’: Initiative urges global collaboration to help us understand the human brain

Shelly Fan | 
First envisioned in 2016 through a series of discussions on the “grand challenges” in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, the International ...
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‘Mini-computers’ found in our neurons could be key to developing more powerful AI networks

Shelly Fan | 
With just their input cables, human neurons can perform difficult logic calculations previously only seen in entire neural networks. To ...

Forecasting: 2020 could bring major advances in gene therapies and pig-to-human organ transplants

Shelly Fan | 
Here are two stories in biotech we’re keeping our eyes on. Although successes likely won’t come to fruition this year ...
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Neuroscience had a ‘transformative’ decade, giving us brain-computer interfaces, new research tools

Shelly Fan | 
I rarely use the words transformative or breakthrough for neuroscience findings. The brain is complex, noisy, chaotic, and often unpredictable ...

Why it’s so difficult for human embryos to survive CRISPR gene editing

Shelly Fan | 
CRISPR may one day wipe out devastating genetic diseases throughout entire family lines, or even the human race. But to ...
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Does AI represent our best bet for extending human lives?

Peter Rejeck | 
Co-founder and CEO [of Insilico Medicine] Alex Zhavoronkov said he believes there is no greater goal in healthcare today—or, really, ...
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Computer simulation suggests we aren’t even close to designing better babies

Shelly Fan | 
It’s difficult to talk about genetic selection without the umbrella of morality or ethics. Yet like all scientific advancements, it ...
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Virtual reality gets more realistic: Vibrating synthetic skin simulates touch

Edd Gent | 
While they’re still struggling to gain commercial traction, the latest VR headsets are able to transport people to impressive virtual ...
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Can you hack your sleep cycle for a better night’s rest?

Edd Gent | 
Sleep has become the latest frontier in the life-hackers’ battle for self-improvement. But how easy is to to rewire how you ...
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Artificial lungs grown in ‘hijacked’ mouse embryo could pave way for human transplants

Shelly Fan | 
Vaping aside, as dangerous air quality becomes increasingly prevalent in cities around the globe, the risk of serious lung disease ...
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Trio of gene therapies seeks to reverse age-related diseases to make us ‘healthy, youthful later in life’

Shelly Fan | 
The legendary synthetic biologist Dr. George Church and team at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University took a first step towards ...

AI ethics can’t come from human medicine: Principles that guide doctors would ‘make no sense’ to a machine

Edd Gent | 
The four core principles of medical ethics are respect for autonomy (patients should have control over how they are treated), ...
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How synthetic biology will allow us to redesign humans ‘from the ground up’

Jason Dorrier | 
Just as physics and chemistry have given humans power over the world of the inanimate, biology is giving us the ...
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If we find alien life, how will we protect it from our own ‘microbial stowaways’?

Bharat Bharat, José Morey | 
When we venture beyond the moon, we’ll be bringing trillions of microbial stowaways with us. Which complicates things. If we ...
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‘Scientific fight of the century’: Two theories of consciousness are going head-to-head

Shelly Fan | 
Here’s something you don’t hear every day: two theories of consciousness are about to face off in the scientific fight ...
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4 innovations—including stronger gene-editing skills—that would allow us to rewrite genomes from the ground up

Edd Gent | 
The ability to read genomes has transformed our understanding of biology. Being able to write them would give us unprecedented ...

Astonishing efficiency, unlimited storage: What makes the human brain so powerful?

Shelly Fan | 
[A] team from Washington University in St. Louis combined neural recordings from rats with computer modeling to uncover one of the ...

Artificial intelligence can determine your ‘brain age’ by analyzing MRI scans

Shelly Fan | 
Delaying “brain age” may sound like the latest quick-fix gimmick on a late-night infomercial, but the science underlying the concept ...
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Are undiscovered antibiotics ‘silently waiting’ in our own bodies? Researchers scour microbiome for helpful genes

Shelly Fan | 
[A] study led by Dr. Mohamed Donia from Princeton University pushed the dark microbiome world into the light by targeting the ...
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AI has a problem with generalization. Human brains may offer a solution.

Shelly Fan | 
Unconstrained by evolution, AI has the potential to churn through vast amounts of data to surpass our puny, fatty central ...