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Teaching AI to think ethically

Singularity Hub | 
[M]athematicians have developed a model that can help businesses spot when commercial AI systems might make shady choices in the ...
flexible electronics

Infographic: ‘Bionic breasts’ could restore sensation after mastectomies

IEEE Spectrum | 
As many as 100,000 breast cancer patients have one or both breasts removed in mastectomies every year in the United ...
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Smartphone DNA testing app offers ‘ultra-portable’ health and environmental monitoring tool

Singularity Hub | 
On-the-spot DNA tests could prove invaluable to doctors, farmers, and officials responsible for food safety or environmental monitoring. Now Chinese ...
fruit flies refuse to lay their eggs in lion poop

Fruit fly protein could boost anti-aging treatment

Impressive results in animals that have had their lifespans boosted by up to 40 percent have started making their way into humans. … ...
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Plummeting prices for genetic sequencing open ‘Pandora’s box of ethical concerns’

Singularity Hub | 
The speed at which the price of genetic sequencing has fallen has been astonishing, from $50,000 a decade ago to roughly $600 today ...
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Virtual reality gets more realistic: Vibrating synthetic skin simulates touch

Singularity Hub | 
While they’re still struggling to gain commercial traction, the latest VR headsets are able to transport people to impressive virtual ...
tips for a better sleep when you have ankylosing spondylitis x facebook

Can you hack your sleep cycle for a better night’s rest?

Singularity Hub | 
Sleep has become the latest frontier in the life-hackers’ battle for self-improvement. But how easy is to to rewire how you ...

AI ethics can’t come from human medicine: Principles that guide doctors would ‘make no sense’ to a machine

Singularity Hub | 
The four core principles of medical ethics are respect for autonomy (patients should have control over how they are treated), ...
genome project–write scientists create synthetic human genomes

4 innovations—including stronger gene-editing skills—that would allow us to rewrite genomes from the ground up

Singularity Hub | 
The ability to read genomes has transformed our understanding of biology. Being able to write them would give us unprecedented ...
frame delay s

Viewpoint: There’s reason for optimism about AI’s ability to diagnose illnesses—but there’s also a lot of hype

Singularity Hub | 
Medicine is one of the hottest fields when it comes to applying AI to real-world problems, in particular using deep learning systems to ...

Like it or not, the ‘Pandora’s box’ of gene-edited babies has been opened

Singularity Hub | 
Denis Rebrikov is the head of a genome-editing laboratory at the Kulakov National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Russia’s largest ...
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3D printed organs: We’re closer to solving the problem of how to supply them with blood

Singularity Hub | 
We’re tantalizingly close to growing organs in the lab, but the biggest remaining challenge has been creating the fine networks ...
4-4-2019 dna fast x

Why Microsoft wants to design a system that stores data in DNA

Singularity Hub | 
DNA is emerging as an ultra-compact way of storing it all, and now researchers supported by Microsoft have created the first ...
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Should law enforcement have a universal genetic forensic database?

Singularity Hub | 
The idea of the government having access to every citizen’s DNA might sound like an Orwellian nightmare, but recent events suggest we’re ...

What good is eternal life if we can’t stay young?

Singularity Hub | 
Longer lives seem attractive, but as we age we become susceptible to a host of late-life diseases that can prevent ...
ford eksovest

Wearable robotic ‘exoskeletons’ merge humanity and machinery

Singularity Hub | 
Ever since the appearance of the power loader in the sci-fi classic Aliens, the idea that powered exoskeletons could let workers ...
chimpanzee with baby

‘Animal uplift’: Could we—and should we—make animals smarter?

Singularity Hub | 
Advances in neural implants and genetic engineering suggest that in the not–too–distant future we may be able to boost human intelligence. If that’s ...
Does gene editing change who we are as 'humans'?

Does gene editing change who we are as ‘humans’?

Singularity Hub | 
DNA-based technology’s entry into the mainstream has been picking up lately.... But rapid advances mean it is becoming increasingly feasible ...
cyborg animals x

Animal cyborgs: 6 nature-inspired robots that could revolutionize science, medicine and farming

Singularity Hub | 
1. Light-controlled dragonflies In January, R&D company Draper and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute announced a partnership aimed at turning ...
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CRISPR gene editing could speed up photosynthesis and boost crop yields—But it will take time

Singularity Hub | 
Unlike previous approaches to GM crops that introduce foreign DNA into an organism, genome editing achieves much the same outcome ...
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