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Can you hack your sleep cycle for a better night’s rest?

| | December 4, 2019

Sleep has become the latest frontier in the life-hackers’ battle for self-improvement. But how easy is to to rewire how you spend a third of your life? I took a 28-day crash course to find out.

As someone new to self-improvement and broadly skeptical of the bold claims made by such programs, I wasn’t expecting too much. But it turns out there are some fairly simple tweaks to your relationship with sleep that can have a significant impact.

The core nuts and bolts of the program are consistent waking and sleeping times, a morning routine that includes getting plenty of sunlight to shut off production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, a “power down hour” designed to help you relax before bed, and some rules about when to stop consumption of caffeine (2pm), alcohol (2-3 hours before bed), and food (3-4 hours before bed) so they don’t impair sleep quality.

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After a couple of weeks my waking and sleeping times became more consistent, I started waking up naturally before my alarm, and both my mood and energy were markedly improved.

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