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flexible electronics

Infographic: ‘Bionic breasts’ could restore sensation after mastectomies

Edd Gent | 
As many as 100,000 breast cancer patients have one or both breasts removed in mastectomies every year in the United ...
5-1-2019 rjmuzydfjh

Are we about to raise the cap on human life expectancy?

Vaclav Smil | 
Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief futurist, says that if you can just hang on until 2029, medical advances will start to ...
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Can light-activated CRISPR lead to new treatments for cancer, diabetes?

Emily Waltz | 
Engineers are making their mark on biotech’s hottest commodity. Chinese scientists [April 3] reported that they can control the gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 with ...
3-9-2019 dna synthesis

Stealing DNA sequences? It can be done with an audio recorder

Emily Waltz | 
Engineers at the University of California say they have demonstrated how easy it would be to snoop on biotech companies ...
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‘Smart farming’: Researchers aim to turn bees into ‘tiny drones’ that monitor plant health

Charles Choi | 
[A] research team at the University of Washington has found a way to make bumblebees act like tiny drones. The ...

Resurrecting scents that went extinct 100 years ago

Elie Dolgin | 
Move aside, Chanel No. 5. Scientists have now created a scent that’s even older than the iconic perfume, even if ...

Soldiers of the future could be supercharged with brain upgrades

Eliza Strickland | 
[T]he way the military fights wars is changing, and so must DARPA’s priorities. At a conference last week to celebrate DARPA’s 60th anniversary, ...
joyn bio

Can Joyn Bio’s genetically engineered microbes replace chemical fertilizers?

Elie Dolgin | 
Big Ag is addicted to nitrogen fertilizers. It’s a massive problem for the global climate, yet it may yield to a ...

Robots find genetic mutations in crops, accelerating breeding solutions

Eliza Strickland | 
If you want to find what’s probably the best example of what robots are doing in crop development, come to ...
OLDNAdelugeopener e

The DNA data deluge

Ben Langmead, Michael C. Schatz | 
Computing, not sequencing, is now the limiting factor when it comes to genomics research ...
FoodGenModFoodf e

GM foods grow up

Eliza Strickland, Samuel K. Moore | 
Critics of transgenic crops often focus on the seemingly unnatural act of adding something new and alien to a plant's ...
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DNA Day and the Genetic Revolution

Eliza Strickland | 
DNA Day is this week! To celebrate, IEEE Spectrum has rounded up several excellent pieces about the genetic breakthroughs that ...

The gene machine and me

Eliza Strickland | 
The following is an edited excerpt. It’s a fresh April morning in 2012 when I head to Connecticut to see ...