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‘Young blood’: Here’s how a plasma infusion could ward off bone brittleness, increase lifespan and reverse aspects of aging

‘Young blood’: Here’s how a plasma infusion could ward off bone brittleness, increase lifespan and reverse aspects of aging

Knowable | 
[I]n the past two decades, the idea of blood as an elixir of youth has leapt from the pages of ...
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Developing a ‘kill switch’ to make CRISPR gene editing more precise—and safer

Nature | 
[Microbiologists] stumbled onto tools now known as anti-CRISPRs. These proteins serve as the rocks to CRISPR’s molecular scissors. And soon, ...
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Viewpoint: Spinal muscular atrophy treatment Zolgensma a gene therapy trailblazer, despite controversy

In August, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave drug manufacturer AveXis, Inc, a subsidiary of Novartis AG, a ...
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Some powerful new cancer drugs trigger diabetes for unknown reasons

The first two rounds of treatment went off without a hitch. But last November, after receiving a third dose of ...
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Brewer’s yeast could be used to produce rare cannabis-derived compounds that treat anxiety, pain

Nature | 
The yeast that people have used for millennia to brew alcoholic drinks has now been engineered to produce cannabinoids — ...
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Lab-grown meat poised for commercial success, but technical challenges may delay its debut

Nature | 
Private investment in lab-grown meat is soaring as companies chase the promise of boundless — and delicious — nuggets, steaks ...

Resurrecting scents that went extinct 100 years ago

IEEE Spectrum | 
Move aside, Chanel No. 5. Scientists have now created a scent that’s even older than the iconic perfume, even if ...

Fighting cancer with help from the body’s internal clock

Washington Post | 
Chi Van Dang generally declines to discuss the science that made him famous. ... Instead of doing so, Dang [a ...

Biosecurity dilemma: Should mega synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks be trusted to police its own industry?

Spectrum | 
Try as a nefarious actor might, it would be near impossible to order the ingredients for making a deadly virus ...

How to ruin cancer’s day

Genetic Literacy Project | 
This article originally appeared at Knowable Magazine and has been republished here with permission. Chi Van Dang generally declines to ...
joyn bio

Can Joyn Bio’s genetically engineered microbes replace chemical fertilizers?

IEEE Spectrum | 
Big Ag is addicted to nitrogen fertilizers. It’s a massive problem for the global climate, yet it may yield to a ...
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CAR-T engineering of patients’ own T cells for cancer therapy gains traction

Nature | 
The strategy of engineering patients' own T cells for cancer therapy got two major endorsements in late August, one financial ...

Tangled in mystery: How 6 feet of DNA squeezes into nearly every cell of our body

Nature | 
[Leonid Mirny, a biophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge,] argues that DNA is constantly being slipped through ring-like motor ...
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Theory behind Alzheimer’s cure remains credible even after drug trial failure

Nature | 
A drug that was seen as a major test of the leading theory behind Alzheimer’s disease has failed in a ...

Call for FDA regulation of U.S. stem cell clinics

Nature Medicine | 
Unregulated stem cell clinics are proliferating throughout the U.S. A case in point is the Cell Surgical Network (CSN), which ...

Mathematician uses genetics in algorithm to find best drug targets for cancer

Nature Medicine | 
The way in which people receive cancer therapy is pretty much the same as it's been for decades: researchers determine ...
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