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screenshot our salmon — wildtype

Could lab-grown sushi save rapidly declining fish populations?

Singularity Hub | 
[A]according to the Global Aquaculture Alliance, 3.1 billion people around the world now rely on fish and seafood for a ...
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One year in, 9 boys with muscular dystrophy show remarkable progress from gene therapy

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Nine boys aged 6 to 12 who have been living with [Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy] since birth received a gene therapy ...

Concerned about ‘fake news’? It could get a lot worse with AI

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Fake news has certainly become a widespread and insidious problem, and in a year when we’re dealing with both a ...
dialysis st

Platinum mesh device moves us closer to wearable or implantable artificial kidney

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Kidneys clean our blood using nephrons, which are essentially filters that let fluid and waste products through while blocking blood ...
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Ultimate fitness hack: Imagine being able to build muscles with a gene therapy

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Trying to hack fitness is a multi-million-dollar industry; we’ve all seen at least one ad featuring a purported miracle product ...
patches could help repair damaged hearts

Lab-grown patch could be the solution for repairing damaged heart tissue

Singularity Hub | 
Restoring damaged heart tissue has proved difficult if not impossible, but a research team from Imperial College London has a ...
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‘Backlash’ against GMOs may be more about corporate power than science

Singularity Hub | 
Much of the backlash against GMOs is less about genetic engineering and more about the business practices of the corporations ...

Designer dogs? In pursuit of the perfect, healthy canine companion

Singularity Hub | 
Centuries of inbreeding have left many dog breeds with a severely limited gene pool, and this lack of genetic diversity ...
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