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farmers chance use dicamba

Legal challenges expected after EPA re-authorizes controversial weed-killing herbicide dicamba

Bloomberg | 
Farmers can use the pesticide dicamba to clear fields of stubborn weeds for two more growing seasons after the EPA ...
ban stop roundup

New farm bill would stop cities from banning glyphosate and other pesticides

Bloomberg BNA | 
House lawmakers are seeking to halt .... local ordinances to ban or restrict pesticides that opponents say conflict with state ...
Farmers in four states sue Monsanto, BASF and Dupont over dicamba herbicide damage

Farmers in four states sue Monsanto, BASF and Dupont over dicamba herbicide damage

Bloomberg | 
Farmers in the heartland have filed at least 11 lawsuits in federal court over the last two years against the ...

Why Scotts Miracle-Gro decided to phase out neonicotinoid insecticides

Bloomberg BNA | 
Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. made an unusual move last year when the company announced it would remove a class of insecticides ...
Screen Shot at AM

Monsanto played role in ‘independent’ safety review of glyphosate herbicide, emails show

Bloomberg | 
Dozens of internal Monsanto emails, released on Aug. 1 by plaintiffs’ lawyers who are suing the company, reveal how Monsanto worked ...
bee pollen

House Democrats push for neonicotinoid insecticide ban in next farm bill

Bloomberg BNA | 
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) wants to include a ban on pesticides linked to declining bee health in next year’s farm ...
ct dow chemical dupont merger

Dow Chemical tripled lobbying since 2008, outstripping other agricultural and biotech firms

Bloomberg | 
Dow Chemical has poured money into lobbying efforts over the last decade as other corporate giants have remained steady or ...

Voluntary GMO labeling bill stalled in committee

E&E | 
House Agriculture Committee lawmakers want more control over deciding which government agency -- the Agriculture Department or the Food and ...