Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.
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Why COVID-19 won’t be our last pandemic: We’ve created a ‘perfect storm’ for wildlife disease spillover

BBC News | 
[Researchers] have now developed a pattern-recognition system to predict which wildlife diseases pose most risk to humans. [Editor's note: Health ...
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Tracking down the missing link in the coronavirus transmission chain

BBC | 
It was a matter of "when not if" an animal passed the coronavirus from wild bats to humans, scientists say ...

‘Moonshot for biology’: Inside the quest to sequence all life on earth

BBC News | 
A mission to sequence the genome of every known animal, plant, fungus and protozoan - a group of single-celled organisms ...
golden eagel

Golden eagle genome gives conservation effort a ‘blueprint for life’

BBC News | 
British scientists have made a breakthrough that could help safeguard the future of one of the world's most admired birds ...

The genetics behind malaria’s evolution into a deadly global killer

BBC News | 
The secrets of how malaria became a human-killer have been revealed by a genetic study. The work, led by researchers ...
black rat th century engraving spl

Stop blaming rats for the Black Death—humans may have spread the plague

BBC News | 
Rats were not to blame for the spread of plague during the Black Death, according to a study. The rodents and ...
Battle developing over GM insects poised to fight olive pests

Battle developing over GM insects poised to fight olive pests

BBC | 
Scientists are developing GM insects to combat diseases and pests, but face opposition from anti-biotech organizations. If a field trial ...
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