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Talking Biotech: ‘Clean, Green and Ethical’ animal production and farming

| November 2, 2015 |

Several weeks ago there was a request for Talking Biotech Podcast to interview Graeme Martin, University of Western Australia School of Animal Biology professor. Professor Martin has a long career in animal reproductive biology, and in recent times has focused on how to test new strategies in supporting livestock, crops and the nation’s resident biodiversity. His “Clean, Green and Ethical” approach to animal production dovetails with novel strategies to sustainably raise crops in no-till systems as part of the Future Farm 2050 Project.023-cover

The discussion describes some simple, logical, low-cost techniques to increase crop production with less impact on the environment and in the context of minimal water resources. This was a wonderful interview that jogs out-of-the-traditional thinking to address key issues in farm sustainability going forward.

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