Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week, October 3, 2016

From this past week, here are the #GLPTop6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world. Please share and help spread the news!

  1. Nobel laureate Richard Roberts: Opposition to GMOs is an ‘indulgence of the affluent’ by Kavin Senapathy
  2. Why ending muscle wasting matters for curing cancer by Ben Locwin
  3. Can water protect you from glyphosate ‘poisoning’? Gilles-Eric Séralini’s homeopathy “detox” hoax by Andrew Porterfield
  4. After India’s GMO cotton miracle, food crops remain blocked–Here’s why by Steven Cerier
  5. Nature busts anti-GMO myth: Gene swapping among plants, insects common occurrence by Arvind Suresh
  6. Men are from Earth, women are too: Sexes not so different when it comes to sex by David Warmflash
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