A voting guide for 2016 for those who care about science

| October 27, 2016

9 thoughts on “A voting guide for 2016 for those who care about science”

    • HRC’s version of pro-science: “Sure, climate change is anthropogenic and is killing the planet, but I plan to ignore that fact and increase fossil fuel burning and extraction while promoting the false rhetoric that transitioning to wind and solar would somehow damage the economy, because night time and birds and stuff…who needs Florida anyway, right?”

      She’s also done a fair bit of twitter pandering to GMO labeling activists.

      • This is a complete fabrication of her stand on man-made global warming and how to deal with it. She is very in favor of renewable energy sources. Donald Trump? He is the “burn more coal” candidate.

      • Generally, when one uses quotes, one is quoting something. You, on the other hand, are making up quotes which don’t exist. That makes you a liar. How does it feel to be a liar? Kind of like the lowest scum of the earth… or maybe Donald Trump?

    • Gary Johnson: “Climate change? What’s to worry? In 50 billion years the sun will have encompassed the earth anyway.”
      Jill Stein says she’d sooner see Trump in than Clinton.

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