Viewpoint: US government’s coronavirus response a ‘living nightmare’

It sounds like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has become completely dysfunctional. The Secretary, Dr. Azar (ex-lobbyist ...
synthetic biology

How synthetic biology can solve the problems we’ve created

Human activity has wreaked havoc on the environment. Many of the products we rely on for our daily lives are ...
cq dam web

How John Oliver was duped by the fringe anti-science advocacy groups USRTK and the Organic Consumers Association

Sometimes it's difficult to know who is defending science and who is more concerned about identity politics and cheap laughs ...

What can we learn from studying GWAS—Genes of large swaths of people?

In the quest to separate nature from nurture, scientists seeking to understand the contribution of genetics have more tools. A ...
ACSH voters guide copypng

A voting guide for 2016 for those who care about science

Conflicted about this year's elections? Still on the fence about your candidates? Do you care about science? This graphic from ...
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