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Talking Biotech: What’s keeping disease-resistant GMO bananas from Ugandan farmers?

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Those that live in the affluent countries of the West have little clue of the challenges of farming in the Developing World. In this special episode, Alison Van Eenennaam of the University of California Davis interviews three experts that understand food security in their respective countries. Emma Naluyima of Entebbe, Uganda is a veterinarian that feeds an extended family from one acre of land. She shares her innovative methods and experiences. Nassib Mugwanya of Kampala, Uganda works with the Uganda Bioscience Information Center as an outreach officer. Marlene Ortiz Berrocal is a researcher in the Centre for Genomic Sciences, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. These three experts share their thoughts on biotech innovation and how it relates to food security in their respective nations and worldwide.

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