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Talking Biotech: Is modern wheat breeding to blame for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?

, | June 12, 2018
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The internet claims that the increases in celiac disease is rooted in modern wheat varieties, as human intervention in plant genetics must be the cause of human disorders. But what does the evidence tell us? In this week’s episode we’re joined by Senay Simsek from North Dakota State University. Simsek is a recognized chemist that specializes in wheat composition. Her recent paper in the journal Food Chemistry examines the levels of gluten in modern varieties and compares it to what was present in heritage varieties. The results show that associations between modern breeding and gluten sensitivity are not likely due to genetic improvement of wheat varieties.

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Here is the link to the paper discussed.

This is a link to a related review by Simsek.

And this is the review that highlights efforts to reduce allergenicity.

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