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Podcast: Latest discoveries in genetics, archaeology reveal early history of the British people

, | December 19, 2019
Kat Arney: Kat Arney, biologist and award-winning science communicator, hosts the Genetics Unzipped podcast, a project of the UK Genetics Society.    More details

Dr Kat Arney and the Genetics Unzipped team bring you not one but seven mini episodes to enjoy over the holidays. Recorded at the annual Galton Institute symposium – New Light on Old Britons – held at the Royal Society in London earlier this year, reporter Georgia Mills uncovers the latest research into the early history of the British people.

Who were these ancient Britons? Where did they come from and what were they like? What’s the real story behind the romantic myths about the Celts? And what can modern genetic and archaeological techniques tell us about their lives and loves?

01 – Investigating the earliest humans in Europe – Professor Nick Ashton

Nick Ashton, an archaeologist at the British Museum and honorary professor at UCL, is studying the earliest humans in Europe.

02 – Ancient DNA and the changing structure of the prehistoric British population – Professor Ian Barnes and Dr Selina Brace

Professor Ian Barnes and Dr Selina Brace, ancient DNA researchers at the Natural History Museum in London, discuss how their work on ancient DNA is shedding light on the British population from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age.

03 – The First Britons: bones and behavior – Dr Silvia Bello

Dr Silvia Bello from the Natural History Museum in London is investigating how patterns of human behavior have changed over the last million years.

04 – The genetic structure of the populations of the British Isles – Professor Sir Walter Bodmer

Professor Sir Walter Bodmer from the Weatherall Institute, Oxford, explains what we know so far about genetic structure and origins of populations of the British Isles.

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05 – The genomic history of Ireland – Dr Lara Cassidy

Dr Lara Cassidy from Trinity College Dublin talks about her work exploring the genomic history of Ireland.

06 – The ‘Celts’ in Britain – a romantic fiction? – Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe

The Celts are one of the most famous – and misunderstood – people who lived in ancient Britain. Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe from the University of Oxford explores the myths and the reality.

07 – Genetics and history: how DNA can be used as a window into the past – Professor Turi King

Professor Turi King from the University of Leicester reveals the secrets of the Y chromosome and how the remains of Richard III were identified.


Presented and produced by Georgia Mills for First Create The Media. Visit the Galton Institute website to find out more about the society, or follow them on Twitter @galtoninstitute

Genetics Unzipped is the podcast from the UK Genetics Society, presented by award-winning science communicator and biologist Kat Arney and produced by First Create the Media.  Follow Kat on Twitter @Kat_Arney, Genetics Unzipped @geneticsunzip, and the Genetics Society at @GenSocUK

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