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Podcast: Latest discoveries in genetics, archaeology reveal early history of the British people

What's the real story behind the romantic myths about the Celts? And what can modern genetic and anthropological techniques tell ...
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First people in the Americas arrived by Pacific pathway, new evidence suggests

Around 14,800 years ago, the Cordilleran Ice Sheet separated from its neighboring Laurentide Ice Sheet, creating an ice-free corridor that ...
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How modern farming may be distorting our analysis of ancient human migration

One of the most widely used tools archaeologists have at their disposal to decipher where prehistoric humans lived and traveled ...
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Ancient DNA study reveals South America’s first peoples

A cross-border, multi-disciplinary study has revealed new insights into the story of the earliest migrants into South America. Using powerful ...
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‘Interesting puzzle’ created by hand tools found near long-vanished Arabian rivers

Nearly 200,000 years ago, at the confluence of two long-vanished river systems in the heart of Arabia, people climbed a ...

Viewpoint: There’s no one ‘butterfly-killing bogeyman’ to blame for declining monarch populations

“When you look at the 25-year trend, it seems quite dire,” [Anurag] Agrawal, a Cornell University professor of ecology and ...

Plight of the monarch: Threatened by more than the loss of milkweed food supply

Anti-GMO critics often blame the herbicide glyphosate for monarch butterfly population declines, as it kills the insect's habitat--weeds. But a ...
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