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Study challenges prior research blaming decline of monarch butterflies on deaths during annual migration

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
A new study suggests that extensive agricultural use of glyphosate herbicide is to blame for the decades-long decline in North ...
norman borlaug

Viewpoint: Norman Borlaug saved millions of lives, would his critics prefer he hadn’t?

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Norman Borlaug is perhaps the most important person in human history whose name and legacy remain largely unknown. A hero ...
screenshot nfu scotland forges closer ties with norwegian farmers farmers weekly

Norwegians see advantages to gene editing food

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Norwegian consumers are receptive to using gene editing tools in agriculture if they bring social, economic and environmental benefits, a ...

Coronavirus presents ‘looming food crisis,’ FAO warns

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that the global coronavirus pandemic may trigger a “looming food ...
Screen Shot at PM

How one plant scientist challenges the ‘natural is better’ myth

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Paul Vincelli spends a good deal of his time talking to the public about genetic engineering so it’s not surprising ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

Brexit could free UK farmers from Europe’s stringent GMO regulations

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Like most United Kingdom citizens, English farmer Andrew Osmond lives with a certain sense of uncertainty brought on by Brexit ...

Viewpoint: There’s no one ‘butterfly-killing bogeyman’ to blame for declining monarch populations

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
“When you look at the 25-year trend, it seems quite dire,” [Anurag] Agrawal, a Cornell University professor of ecology and ...

‘Come stay with me’: Indian farmer invites anti-GMO activists to see how biotech cotton improves lives

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Balwinder Kang has a simple message for those who don’t think Indian farmers like him should be able to utilize ...
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GMOs in South Africa: Benefits of biotech crops changing women farmers’ minds

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
As a young girl, Tepsy Eve Ntseoane never thought she’d grow up to be a farmer, let alone an advocate for ...