Skeletons provide tell-tale glimpses into past mass infections and pandemics

Dead men do tell tales through their physical remains ...
must see excavation sites in turkey

‘AI in archeology’ pinpointing new excavation sites at an ‘unimaginable’ pace

Archaeologists have uncovered scores of long-abandoned settlements along coastal Madagascar that reveal environmental connections to modern-day communities. They have detected ...

Archaeologists revive ancient North American crops that may have fed thousands of people

The scientific cultivation of lost ancient seed crops has yielded much higher than expected growth rates, challenging assumptions about maize ...
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Podcast: Latest discoveries in genetics, archaeology reveal early history of the British people

What's the real story behind the romantic myths about the Celts? And what can modern genetic and anthropological techniques tell ...
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New analysis of Dead Sea scrolls reveals minerals not typically from region

The Dead Sea scrolls have given up fresh secrets, with researchers saying they have identified a previously unknown technique used ...
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Could this fossilized footprint belong to one of the last Neanderthals ‘ever to walk the Earth’?

Researchers have discovered an array of fossilized footprints in an ancient sand dune in Gibraltar, the small British territory on ...
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‘Blinding speed’: How an ice age led to the populating of the Americas

Tens of thousands of years ago, two gigantic ice sheets smothered the northernmost parts of what has since been named ...

Documenting the rise and fall of populations through human poop

The city that vanished about 700 years ago presents a captivating question for archaeologists: What happened to the Mississippian people who built ...
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