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viking ship sailing

Vikings not purely Scandinavian and many were dark-haired, claims genetic study

Guardian | 
Vikings were far from a single group of flaxen-haired, sea-faring Scandinavians. A genetic study of Viking-age human remains has not ...
intelligent alien civilizations

Extraterrestrial neighbors? Our galaxy contains over 30 intelligent civilizations, new calculations suggest

Guardian | 
In 1961 the astronomer Frank Drake proposed what became known as the Drake equation, setting out seven factors that would ...
coronavirus twins

Twins study bolsters theory that genetics play a role in coronavirus symptom severity

Guardian | 
Symptoms of Covid-19 appear to be partly down to genetic makeup, researchers at King’s College London have discovered. The finding ...
rtr gp

Structure of the brains of career criminals may shed light on ‘persistent antisocial behavior’

Guardian | 
[A]dults with a long history of offenses show striking differences in brain structure compared with those who have stuck to ...

Protein tangles may help predict where and how Alzheimer’s will strike the brain

Guardian | 
Tangles of a protein found inside the brain cells of people with Alzheimer’s disease can be used to predict future ...
mt templescroll feat x

New analysis of Dead Sea scrolls reveals minerals not typically from region

Guardian | 
The Dead Sea scrolls have given up fresh secrets, with researchers saying they have identified a previously unknown technique used ...
prot parkinsons hero

Brain changes can be spotted ‘years before’ Parkinson’s disease emerges

Guardian | 
Changes in the brain that can be spotted years before physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease occur might act as an ...
4-25-2019 facts medieval crusader state armies

Medieval crusader armies had remarkable genetic diversity

Guardian | 
Crusader armies were made up of people from remarkably genetically diverse backgrounds, hailing not just from western Europe but also much further ...
cc tallpeople x

Why being tall may increase your cancer risk

Guardian | 
Taller people have a greater risk of cancer because they are bigger and so have more cells in their bodies ...
insulin injection for diabetes

Insulin pill could replace daily injections for diabetics

Guardian | 
An insulin pill for people with diabetes could be in the offing, say researchers, providing hope that a daily regime ...
brain neuron

Humans produce new neurons affecting learning, memory and emotion throughout our lives

Guardian | 
Humans continue to produce new neurons in a part of their brain involved in learning, memory and emotion throughout adulthood, ...
Alien galaxy

How might humans react to alien life? ‘We will take it rather well’

Guardian | 
[R]esearchers say the discovery of alien life is more likely to be welcomed with open arms than panic. … To ...
Sheep liver

Growing human organs in sheep could help solve transplant shortage

Guardian | 
Growing human organs inside other animals has taken another step away from science-fiction, with researchers announcing they have grown sheep ...

‘Chemical surgery’ could treat diseases by fixing genetic mutations

Guardian | 
A breakthrough in “chemical surgery” that can correct a type of genetic mutation behind a host of diseases has been ...
sugar addiction

Is sugar as addictive as hard drugs? Scientists say that’s ‘absurd’

Guardian | 
An article suggesting that sugar should be considered an addictive substance, and could even be on a par with abusive ...
Screen Shot at AM

Genetics may explain tendency towards violence in our evolutionary history

Guardian | 
Humans are predisposed to murder each other, new research suggests, although it remains unclear if it’s down to genetics or ...

Genes tied to birth weight in infants also linked to diabetes, heart disease later in life

Guardian | 
Birth weight of babies is influenced by genes that are also linked to the risk of developing a range of ...
wrinkly hands

Can gene therapy reverse aging?

Guardian | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In September 2015, [Elizabeth] ...

Does autism spectrum have clear cut-off points?

Guardian | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The same genes involved ...