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Candy and Hunter Small

Should all women be screened for Fragile X autism-linked gene?

Neelima Choahan | 
The genetic condition [fragile X syndrome] causes intellectual disability and behavioural and learning challenges, and is also the most common single-gene cause of ...

Australian fertility clinics’ IVF success rates kept hidden from public: Should consumers have right to know?

Loretta Houlahan | 
In a departure from the usual IVF miracle baby stories, much attention has been devoted recently to IVF success rates, ...

Assisted reproduction technologies can’t delay adulthood

William Ledger | 
All too frequently, I am faced with breaking bad news to disappointed couples in their early 40s who expected IVF ...
secrets of the sperm bank

To women looking for sperm donor, does personality trump career?

Natalie Bochenski | 
A study of online sperm markets shows women value more than just money when it comes to choosing a father ...

Biology of eye color illuminates progress in combating eye disease

Andi Horvath | 
A commonly held belief among Europeans is that all babies are born with blue eyes, which can then change colour ...

GM and organic crops need not be separate in food debate to achieve best outcome in feeding world’s hungry

Zoe Nikakis | 
Given its centrality to our existence and lifestyle, it is unsurprising that the different ways in which food can be ...

Genetic ‘switch’ for memories

Neurologists believe they are a step closer to being able to erase unshakeable haunting memories. In research sounding like the ...

Life insurers slammed for treating genes as destiny

Chris Johnston | 
An eminent Australian geneticist has slammed life insurance companies that refuse to cover genetically vulnerable people, saying the companies are ...

Greenpeace activists in costly GM protest

Natash Rudra | 
Two women who broke into CSIRO and destroyed a research crop of genetically-modified wheat with whipper-snippers have cost Greenpeace more ...
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