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Could lab-grown wood halt deforestation around the world?

Could lab-grown wood halt deforestation around the world?

Tim Sandle | 
[P]lant cells that have similar properties on mass to wood can be used to create materials that could be used ...

Fifth US retailer announces plan to ‘phase out’ neonic pesticides from supply chain

Tim Sandle | 
Another food retailer has announced a plan to minimize its use of pesticides in a bid to help protect pollinators, ...
lab grown meat

USDA, FDA approval of lab-grown protein likely to spur ‘all-out development’ of clean meat products

Paul Wallis | 
The virtual super nova of interest in clean meat has arrived at the regulatory stage. The FDA and USDA are ...

‘Super beans’: Fast-maturing, high-yield variety could aid refugees in Africa

Karen Graham | 
Drought conditions continue to contribute to famine in Africa, prompting a search for crops that are not only drought-resistant but ...

Microsoft’s foray into the quest to cure cancer

Tim Sandle | 
As Digital Journal has recently reported Microsoft has recently launched Healthcare NeXT, which is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence and research project ...
iStock soybeans

Biotech-enriched omega-3 soybeans could promote ocean sustainability

L. Horvitz | 
Omega-3 fatty oils, mainly derived from fish, are essential for nutrition. The problem is that there’s not enough fish to ...

New test can reveal GMOs in food

Tim Sandle | 
The first comprehensive test to detect genetic modification in food has been unveiled. As the abundance of genetically modified (GM) ...

Genetic variation alters efficacy of antidepressant

Tim Sandle | 
Long-term complications after heart surgery, which can affect memory and thinking, appear to be linked to particular genes. It is ...

GE comes to the fashion world

Tim Sandle | 
The following is an edited excerpt. 'Genetically modified' (GM) has been associated for a long time with food. Now scientists ...

Vandana Shiva: “March against Monsanto is a march for freedom”

Anne Sewell | 
The following is an edited excerpt. On May 25, 2013, there will be a worldwide March against Monsanto. In this ...

GMO scientist Séralini backs GMO awareness and labeling

Anne Sewell | 
Last year the French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini published a study linking GMO foods and tumors in rats. The study has since ...

Hawaii latest state to back away from mandatory GMO labeling

Marcus Hondro | 
The following is an excerpt. The Hawaii Senate committees on agriculture, consumer protection and health talked tough on Genetically Modified ...

Hawaii to pass GMO labeling bill, but with amendment

Anne Sewell | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Hawaii might have cause to celebrate, as lawmakers have passed a new measure in ...

Activist Vandana Shiva address GMO labeling rally in Hawaii (video)

Anne Sewell | 
Edited from the livestream of the event held at the Hawaii State Capitol on January 16, the video contains Dr ...
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Family farmers head to Washington to battle Monsanto in court

Leigh Goessl | 
DigitalJournal.comFamily farmers head to Washington to battle Monsanto in"Plaintiffs in this matter represent farmers and seed businesses who do ...

New evidence of Prop 37 voting fraud?

Anne Sewell | 
After election day most of us heard that Prop 37, the initiative to label GMO foods failed to gather enough ...

Indian farmers protest Monsanto GM corn field trial in Haryana

Anne Sewell | 
Carrying banners and placards featuring monster corn, farmers protested outside the Regional Research Station where open air GM corn trials ...
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South African consumers to have GM labeling

Anne Sewell | 
The African Centre for Biosafety reports that South African consumers have just won a hard-earned victory, regarding the labelling of ...

Do obesity genes influence our eating habits?

Tim Sandle | 
Is there an obesity gene? Or at least a genetic trigger that drives some people to eat more than others? ...
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