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The Human Genome Project has a diversity problem. Here’s what’s being done to address it

The Human Genome Project has a diversity problem. Here’s what’s being done to address it

Jon Fingas | Engadget | 
The Human Genome Project shed light on our species in 2001, but it was a patchwork of different humans' genes ...
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What should you do after you take a DNA test? Delete your data.

Chris Ip | Engadget | 
[D]irect-to-consumer DNA testing is highly unregulated. A genetic test in the doctor's office is protected by HIPAA laws, which limit its sharing ...
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Not a morning person? Maybe it’s because of your genes

Daniel Cooper | Engadget | 
I'm not a morning person because I'm lazy, but because it's coded into my genes.  I've learned this thanks to ...
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Grapes genetically resistant to mildew rot could cut pesticide use and French wine prices at the same time

Jon Fingas | Engadget | 
French wineries have to use a lot of pesticide to keep their grapes healthy, and that's both expensive and costly ...

CRISPR may help pave the way to cross-species organ transplants

Andrew Tarantola | Engadget | 
Modern transplant technology is already pretty miraculous. Doctors can transfer anything from faces to hands to genitals between patients, keep ...
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RNA editing could help slow progression of symptoms of ALS and Huntington’s

Joe Fingas | Engadget | 
The most common gene editing technique, CRISPR-Cas9, only modifies DNA. That's helpful in most cases, but it means that you can't ...
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