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Not a morning person? Maybe it’s because of your genes

| | July 1, 2019

I’m not a morning person because I’m lazy, but because it’s coded into my genes. 

I’ve learned this thanks to DNAfit, a company which knows more about me than I do at this point. It has previously examined my genetics to determine my perfect diet and exercise, as well as peering into my blood to help me get healthy. Now, I’ve tested its latest product, a Sleep and Stress examination.

The documents told me that I had what’s called a Night Owl bias. “From your genetics,” said [DNAfit’s Amy] Wells, “you’re more productive in the afternoon than in the morning.” My hormone production spikes later in the day, which explains why I hate mornings so damn much. It also explains why, around 3pm, I get a burst of energy, and my days often finish with more writing than in the morning.

DNAfit’s recommendations suggest that to be more productive, you should look after your health and balance your day when you know you’re at your best. Pretty much.

In my case, that means working more in the afternoon and less in the morning. Don’t believe me? Shut up, because I’ve got a note from my geneticist.

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