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Golden Rice could help relieve vitamin A deficiency if countries ditch ‘misguided regulations’

David Zilberman, Justus Wesseler | 
[Editor's note: Justus Wesseler is a professor in the Social Science Department at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. David Zilberman is ...
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Golden Rice opposition cost $2b and 1.4m ‘life years’ over 10 years in India alone

David Zilberman, Justus Wesseler | 
As debate over Golden Rice ensues, countries like India suffer, according to a new study from the journal Environment and ...

Pakistan: Yields on Bt cotton 20 percent higher despite lower pesticide use

Matin Qaim, Shahzad Kouser | 
Researchers in Pakistan published a study that showed that Bt cotton, which is genetically modified to produce a protein that ...