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Viewpoint: Science-based biotech regulations could unlock a new agricultural revolution

Chicago Council on Global Affairs | 
The discovery of DNA and new developments in information and nanotechnology provide the foundation for a new agricultural revolution that ...
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Viewpoint: Self-interest, rather than ignorance, key driver in GMO and climate change rejectionism

Berkeley Blog | 
GMO opponents and climate change deniers often share a common characteristic -- their actions and decisions are driven by the ...
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Berkeley professor Zilberman: No, Michael Pollan, Food Evolution movie is not ‘propaganda’

Blog | 
[Editor's note: David Zilberman is a professor of agriculture and resource economics at the University of California Berkeley.] Food Evolution is a ...
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‘Culture of confrontation’: Professor on abusive use of Freedom of Information Act in GMO debate

[Editor's note: David Zilberman is a professor of agriculture and resource economics at UC-Berkeley.] [A] few weeks ago, I received a ...
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Golden Rice could help relieve vitamin A deficiency if countries ditch ‘misguided regulations’

[Editor's note: Justus Wesseler is a professor in the Social Science Department at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. David Zilberman is ...
March Against Monsanto Vancouver

‘Precautionary’ delays in deploying GMO technology could cost $1 trillion

AgBioForum | 
This article introduces a simple framework to assess the economics of delaying the introduction of GM technologies due to concerns ...
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Monsanto’s legacy: What went wrong for one of the world’s most innovative companies?

Berkeley Blog | 
By introducing transparent pay for seeds and traits, Monsanto modernized the seed business and provided an incentive to the public ...
Morocco Center Of The Strategy For The Global Food Security

GMOs and Global Food Security

University of California Berkeley | 
The high costs and uncertainty about the regulation of GMOs have slowed the rate of innovation of new traits and ...

No, I haven’t sold my soul to Monsanto

Berkeley Blog | 
David Zilberman is an environmental economist and professor at the University of California—Berkeley. Recently I was interviewed for an article ...

GM offers many opportunities to save lives in poorest countries but blocked by unnecessary regulation

Berkeley Blog | 
I was at the International Consortium of Agricultural Biotechnology Research conference in Kenya. Despite security concerns, about 200 people braved ...

Poor pay for the affluent’s misplaced anxiety over GMOs

I wrote several papers on the political economy of agricultural biotechnology that analyzes the opposition and support of GM. The ...

India can only gain from more GM crops

Hindu Business Line | 
An Indian technical expert committee recently recommended that the Supreme Court declare a 10-year ban on field trials of GM ...
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Golden Rice opposition cost $2b and 1.4m ‘life years’ over 10 years in India alone

As debate over Golden Rice ensues, countries like India suffer, according to a new study from the journal Environment and ...

Evaluating competing claims about genetically modified crops

Journal of Economic Perspectives | 
The arguments for and against GMOs began at the technology's inception, in the 1980s, and have changed little since. But ...

Lessons from Prop 37 — the future of genetic engineering in agriculture

Berkeley Blog | 
To me, the bread and butter of GM will be control of plant diseases. Control of plant diseases are not ...

Commentary: What are the consequences of labeling GM food?

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
Genetically modified organisms in agriculture have been a source of controversy since their introduction in the mid-1990s. On the one ...
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