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Viewpoint: Self-interest, rather than ignorance, key driver in GMO and climate change rejectionism

David Zilberman | 
GMO opponents and climate change deniers often share a common characteristic -- their actions and decisions are driven by the ...
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Monsanto’s legacy: What went wrong for one of the world’s most innovative companies?

David Zilberman | 
By introducing transparent pay for seeds and traits, Monsanto modernized the seed business and provided an incentive to the public ...

No, I haven’t sold my soul to Monsanto

David Zilberman | 
David Zilberman is an environmental economist and professor at the University of California—Berkeley. Recently I was interviewed for an article ...

GM offers many opportunities to save lives in poorest countries but blocked by unnecessary regulation

David Zilberman | 
I was at the International Consortium of Agricultural Biotechnology Research conference in Kenya. Despite security concerns, about 200 people braved ...

Lessons from Prop 37 — the future of genetic engineering in agriculture

David Zilberman | 
To me, the bread and butter of GM will be control of plant diseases. Control of plant diseases are not ...