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Reversing diabetes in mice with CRISPR-edited stem cells

Angus Liu | 
Insulin injections can control diabetes, but patients still experience serious complications such as kidney disease and skin infections. Transplanting pancreatic ...
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Rejuvenate Bio’s gene therapy shows promise at reversing aging—in mice

Arlene Weintraub | 
Harvard synthetic biology pioneer George Church generated some buzz last year when he co-founded Rejuvenate Bio with the goal of ...

Obesity and diabetes cure? CRISPR might be used to ‘silence’ key gene found in unhealthy fat

Arlene Weintraub | 
The gene FABP4 is highly active in adipose tissue and known to be a major contributor to obesity and related ...
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New version of CRISPR touted as ‘word processor’ with search and replace function

Arlene Weintraub | 
For all the excitement the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 has kicked up, there has been just as much concern about unwanted ...
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Will doctors prescribe the first approved US copycat biological drug?

Damian Garde | 
A group of FDA advisers unanimously recommended approval for Novartis'  knockoff of a blockbuster Amgen treatment, clearing the way for what ...

Influential women in biotechnology recognized as pioneering innovators

John Carroll, Tracy Staton | 
Thirteen women in the biotech industry are recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the industry ...

The biotech IPO scene turns red hot

John Carroll | 
The following is an edited excerpt. During all of last year there were only 11 biotech IPOs. But even that ...