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GMO insect-resistant Bt cotton ‘as safe as’ conventional counterpart, study finds

Qasim Ali | 
Genetically engineered crops expressing insecticidal and herbicide-tolerant traits offer a new strategy for crop protection and enhanced production; however, at ...
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GMO corn doesn’t harm gut microbiome of rats, study team associated with anti-biotech geneticist Gilles-Eric Séralini finds

Robin Mesnage | 
Safety concerns arising from the consumption of foods derived from genetically modified (GM) crops remains a controversial subject. We report ...
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Study: Pesticide residue on food as risky as drinking one glass of wine—every 7 years

Martin Larsson et al. | 
Relatively few studies are available on realistic cumulative risk assessments for dietary pesticide exposure. Despite available studies showing low risk, ...
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Food and Chemical Toxicology editor-in-chief defends retraction of Séralini study

A. Wallace Hayes | 
In response to several allegations of misconduct against the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, the editor-in-chief released a letter explaining ...

Long term study of GM rice with two insect resistant genes shows no adverse effects

M Zhang et al. | 
(Summary) Genetically modified rice does not cause adverse health effects when fed to rats, a long term study in Food ...
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Scientists respond to controversial Séralini maize study

The fallout continues over the questionable study by French molecular biologist Gilles-Eric Seralini of rats fed genetically engineered rice. Food ...