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Viewpoint: Ketel One’s non-GMO vodka is a prime example of food label madness

Karen Caplan | 
Karen Caplan is the CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce Non-GMO vodka? Really? When I saw this ad, I realized it’s finally time ...

Non-browning GM Arctic Apple set for fall consumer launch

The company behind the non-browning Arctic Apple is gearing up for its commercial launch with U.S. retailers this fall, following ...
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In push for labeling GMOs, why not label mutagensis?

A federal bill that would mandate the labeling of genetically engineered ingredients in food or beverages sold in the U.S ...

GM bananas: from nutrition to disease resistance

According to Professor James Dale, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), when Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) struck Australia in 1913, ...

Device picks up GM fruit contaminates

Guy Kiddle | 
The production and commercialization of of genetically modified (GM) crops is still a relatively new technology that was adopted to ...