Viewpoint: Ketel One’s non-GMO vodka is a prime example of food label madness

| | January 12, 2018

Karen Caplan is the CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce

Non-GMO vodka? Really?

When I saw this ad, I realized it’s finally time to blog about GMOs. I have been putting off writing this post for many years because GMOs are a controversial subject.

UnknownWhat bothers me most about the term GMO is that an entire industry has sprung up around the frenzy, such as the Non-GMO Project, which claims to verify products for being non-GMO even when, in fact, those products don’t include any of the 10 crops listed.

A prime example is the vodka shown above in the ad. While some vodka is distilled from potatoes, Ketel One is made with wheat. Oh, excuse me, it’s “non-GMO grain.” Since wheat is already a non-GMO crop, this really isn’t anything to write home about. Yet, the company decided to jump on the non-GMO bandwagon and make a claim that makes the consumer wonder about other brands of vodka.

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I personally don’t think that’s right.

Even though our media seems to thrive on scaring viewers, or inciting worry and filling people with doubt, I get mildly annoyed when I see “Non-GMO Verified” on foods that are simply outside of that category.

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1 thought on “Viewpoint: Ketel One’s non-GMO vodka is a prime example of food label madness”

  1. You need to research Monsanto….most wheat in the US is and has been GMO for a long time..thus the onslaught of wheat-sensitive gut reactions etc. Here in Canada we still have non-gmo wheat but only from conscientious organic farmers.

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