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Synthetic biology will help us feed ourselves with drought-tolerant crops as climate change accelerates

Xiaohan Yang | 
Drought stress has been a long-time limitation to crop production that is being exacerbated by climate change and associated reductions ...
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Delayed GMO Bt rice approval costs China $12 billion annually, study finds

Yan Jin | 
To maintain self-sufficiency in rice production and national food security, the Chinese government strongly supports research that aims at increasing ...
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GMO Golden Bananas could help combat vitamin A deficiency in Uganda by 2021

Jean-Yves Paul et al. | 
A project known as Banana21 commenced in 2005 to alleviate micronutrient deficiencies in Uganda and surrounding countries through the generation ...

Mystery source of orange GMO petunias identified

A recall campaign for commercial, orange flowering petunia varieties in spring 2017 caused economic losses worldwide. The orange varieties were ...

Viewpoint: Why ‘organic’ should be redefined to include GMOs

Amjad Husaini, Muhammad Sohail | 
The challenges of sustainable food production without damaging the environment for a growing human population have increased considerably. The current ...