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FDA action against 23andMe doesn’t signal the end for personal genomics

Jennifer K. Wagner | 
Many have speculated that the FDA action against 23andMe spells an end for personal genomics. But according to a new ...

Is the ‘designer baby’ debate more about gene patentability?

Jonathan Webber | 
The controversial "designer baby" debate speaks to the larger issues about patent eligibility and the patent application process, according to ...
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Genetic testing service deCODEme shutting down in wake of Amgen/deCODE deal

Dan Vorhaus | 
After the $415 million sale of deCODE Genetics to Amgen, deCODE's deCODEme direct-to-consumer genomic screening service will be shut down ...

Amgen buys deCODE: What are the implications for genetic testing customers?

Dan Vorhaus | 
The big biotech news of the day is the $415 million sale of deCODE Genetics to Amgen. Coverage of the ...