Genetic testing service deCODEme shutting down in wake of Amgen/deCODE deal


The big biotech news of the day is the $415 million sale of deCODE Genetics to Amgen. Coverage of the deal is everywhere, including a typically excellent overview from Matthew Herper of Forbes.

Meanwhile, it’s quite likely that the sale to Amgen will usher in the final chapter of deCODE’s long-running direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing business, deCODEme. deCODEme’s sole product – thedeCODEme Complete Scan – covers 47 conditions and traits and retails for a whopping $1,100.

Update 12/12: As predicted, Amgen has now confirmed that deCODEme will be shutting down. An Amgen spokesperson confirmed to Pharmacogenomics Reporter that “Amgen does not intend to continue offering genomic screening tests to the public and healthcare providers. This is not a core part of Amgen’s business interest in Decode…Employees and resources focused on this area will be realigned with other priorities and projects.”

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