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China launches GM crop research initiative to strengthen food security

China launches GM crop research initiative to strengthen food security

Chi Jingyl | 
China will support R&D of innovative agricultural GMOs, such as new genes, new technologies and new products.  Wang Gangyi, a ...
China announces birth of first gene-edited sheep as country aims to boost domestic meat production

China announces birth of first gene-edited sheep as country aims to boost domestic meat production

Qi Xijia, Zhang Dan | 
[T]he world's first myostatin gene (MSTN) edited Huyang sheep was born in China, with the technology used to boost the ...
illinois soybean high yield value

CRISPR gene edited soybeans suited for hotter climates offer ‘enormous’ crop yield boost

Zhang Hui | 
Chinese agricultural scientists using gene-editing technology have created new soybean mutants, which could lead to soybean crops in much warmer ...

GMO corn grown illegally in northwest China smuggled in from abroad

The Ministry of Agriculture responded on [Sept. 5], regarding a case of genetically modified (GM) corn planted in northwest China's Xiangjiang, stating ...

China’s Agricultural Ministry rejects proposal for ‘non-GMO soy-only’ cultivation zones

China's agricultural authority announced [August 9] that it has rejected the national legislature's proposal to set aside special zones for the ...

Rejected U.S. corn triggers Chinese consumers’ ‘concern’ over GM foods

Jiang Jie | 
The announcement that quarantine authorities have returned 1.25 million tons of U.S. corn shipments after detecting an unapproved genetically modified ...

Dispute erupts over report Chinese military may ban GM food to ‘protect soldiers’ health’

Li Yan | 
Genetically modified (GM) grain has been banned for security reasons from consumption by military personnel in the city of Xiangyang, ...

Greenpeace denies stealing GM seeds from Chinese university experimental fields

Jiang Jie | 
Greenpeace on Monday rebuffed accusations of attempted theft from Huazhong Agricultural University's Hainan research base after three members were stopped ...

Chinese consumers press their own cooking oil for fear of GM soybean oil

Li Lin | 
Back in 2010, it was the reports of "gutter oil" - restaurants cooking with recycled waste oil - that disgusted ...

Chinese celebrities knock heads in GMO debate

Zhang Yiwei | 
The debate has heated up since Cui Yongyuan, a well-known former China Central Television (CCTV) host, claimed he spent 500,000 ...

China and US can use biotechnology to end ‘scourge of global hunger’

Michael Scuse | 
"Biotechnology has been extensively researched and safely used for three decades," writes Michael Scuse, Under secretary for Farm and Foreign ...

GM crops gaining ground in China

Liu Linlin, Zhang Yiwei | 
The following is an excerpt. China has 4 million hectares planted with genetically modified (GM) crops, making it one of ...

‘Golden Rice’ scandal tarnishes ethics committee

'Golden Rice' scandal tarnishes ethics committeeGlobal TimesThe results of an investigation into the infamous experiment of "Golden Rice," a genetically ...

GM calves bred to beef up flavor

Yin Yeping | 
Scientists in Beijing confirmed they have successfully bred two genetically modified (GM) cloned calves for the first time in the ...
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