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Genetic ‘switch’ could slow spread of cancer in patients with high-fat diets

Jacqueline Mitchell | 
In a set of papers published in the journals Nature Genetics and Nature Communications, researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Cancer Center at ...
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Are genetically engineered Arctic apples safe to eat?

Allison Baker | 
The Arctic apple is the juiciest newcomer to produce aisles. It has the special ability to resist browning after being ...
Frans Lanting Corbis x

Do GMOs reduce biodiversity?

Heather Landry | 
[Editor's note: Heather Landry is a Ph.D. candidate in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program at Harvard University.] Although there is ...
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How to prevent a ‘mistake’ with release of gene-edited mosquitoes? On-off switches

So, you’ve genetically engineered a malaria-resistant mosquito, now what? How many mosquitos would you need to replace the disease-carrying wild ...

3D map of human genome reveals ‘origami’ gene regulation

Miriam Huntley | 
In a triumph for cell biology, researchers have assembled the first high-resolution, 3D maps of entire folded genomes and found ...

Viral cloaking device hide DNA nanomedicines from immune system

Dan Ferber | 
It's a familiar trope in science fiction: In enemy territory, activate your cloaking device. And real-world viruses use similar tactics ...

A new way to create synthetic polymers using genetic coding in DNA

Peter Reuell | 
The following is an excerpt. Scientists may soon be able to turn to one of the most powerful forces in ...