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How CRISPR could produce tastier wine and beer

Steve Gillman | 
Whether it’s grape juice or liquid malt, yeast is essential in converting sugary liquids into alcohol, to produce the final ...
sahelanthropus top

Was a gene mutation responsible for bigger human brains?

Anthony King | 
One of the major features that distinguish humans from other primates is the size of our brains, which underwent rapid ...

Secret to longer life? Specific genes in worms can increase lifespan by almost 400%

Gareth Willmer | 
In a project called MacModel, researchers are using the flatworm Macrostomum lignano, which is normally found living in the tidal sands of ...
Screen Shot at PM

Plants vs pathogens: CRISPR-created crops fend off pests, add nutrition

Gary Finnegan | 
Potato blight sparked the Irish famine in the 19th century, causing a million people to starve to death and another ...
biofortification way forward nourishing future

If biofortified crops are goal, both genetic engineering and conventional breeding necessary

Rex Merrifield | 
[Dr Swati Puranik, of the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in the UK] and her ...
tree roots

Bacteria could transform trees into industrial chemical scrubbers

Anthony King | 
Hacking trees by adding bacteria to their roots could help scrub contaminated soil clean of chemicals and metals from industrial ...