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Nurse taking blood from man

Skin cancer detection improves with new gene-based blood tests

Genetic testing of tumor and blood fluid samples from people with and without one of the most aggressive forms of ...

Breast cancer treatment uses combination of 2 immunotherapy drugs

Researchers have found a new way to use immunotherapy, a breakthrough mode of cancer treatment which harnesses the patient’s immune ...

Binge eater? Gene found that could lead to treatment

Researchers have identified a gene (CYFIP2) associated with binge eating. This finding represents one of the first examples of a ...
apple shape

Is your body shaped like an apple? It’s probably ‘in the genes’ and it could pose health risks

A study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers has found that a pattern of gene variants associated with an “apple-shaped” ...
Non Africans lower fitness courtesy Neanderthal heritage

Non-African humans may carry harmful Neanderthal genes that lower fitness

The Neanderthal genome included harmful mutations that made the hominids around 40% less reproductively fit than modern humans, according to ...
Screen Shot at AM

All blue-eyed people are related

New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. A team at the University of Copenhagen ...
awj banner

Brain injuries may be treatable using stem cell therapy

Results of a cellular therapy clinical trial for traumatic brain injury (TBI) using a patient’s own stem cells showed that ...
genetic mutation

Why faulty genes don’t always lead to disease

We usually think of mutations as errors in our genes that will make us sick. But not all errors are ...
construction work night

Why some people struggle with shift work fatigue: It’s in the genes

Some people adapt easily to shift work, but not everyone can handle constant disruptions to their daily rhythm. Finnish researchers ...

LipidSeq: Cheaper, more accurate genetic test for high cholesterol

In a recent study conducted by the University of Western Ontario, researchers develop a new genetic testing method called LipidSeq ...
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