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Podcast: Reparations approved for survivors of 20,000 Californians forcibly sterilized in early 20th century

Podcast: Reparations approved for survivors of 20,000 Californians forcibly sterilized in early 20th century

Mina Kim | 
In the first half of the 20th century, California forcibly sterilized more than 20,000 people in state hospitals and other ...
Hops IPA Pour BA

GMO yeast could replace hops in beer to save water

Sarah Craig | 
If you are a beer drinker, it might surprise you to learn how much water goes into one pint of ...
dna sequencing genes

Genetics of height: It may be too complex for scientists to crack the code

Richard Harris | 
[W]hen the human genome was sequenced, scientists like [Joel Hirschhorn, a geneticist at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Broad Institute] ...

Public’s frustration towards lack of stem cell progress rooted in media rhetoric

Danielle Venton | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. When stem cells burst ...

Big Data revolutionizing how we research science and medicine

Amy Standen | 
"The scientific method itself is growing obsolete,” says Atul Butte, an entrepreneur and associate professor of pediatrics at the Stanford School of ...

You can’t learn everything from your DNA, but what you can could save your life

Barry Starr | 
Between false negatives and false positives, genetic testing isn't a perfect prognosticator. Even so, it can provide life-saving information ...

How damaged is your DNA? A new startup wants to know

Jennifer Huber | 
DNA stores the genetic information in each living cell, so its integrity and stability is essential to life. But it’s ...

Click to “like” my genome: Home genetic testing goes social

Arwen Curry | 
Remember the Activision game Pitfall!, back in the ‘80s? Your guy ran through a blocky two-dimensional jungle, swinging on a ...

Are you ready for an online genetic test?

Barry Starr | 
For the right person, an online genetic test can be both fun and useful. But for someone else, it might ...

Should extinct species be revived via genetic technology?

Liza Gross | 
The following is an excerpt. Last month, hundreds of experts who study human-environment interactions called on policymakers to take immediate ...

Genetic sleuthing, or how to catch the right identical twin criminal

Barry Starr | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The police in Marseille France are struggling to solve a sexual assault case. They ...

When should you give genetic testing as a gift?

Barry Starr | 
When 23andMe offered their DNA test for just $99, I started to think about giving it for Christmas presents. It was an ...

Are GMO labels a scarlet letter?

Amy Standen | 
Proposition 37 could make California the first state in the country to require labels on foods made with genetically-modified ingredients ...
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