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Mystery illness leads boy’s family on lengthy quest for genetic answers that ends ‘after a lucky accident’

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When Alex Yiu was born 14 years ago, he seemed like a typical healthy kid. But when he turned 2, ...
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Why we aren’t ready for routine genetic sequencing of newborns: It can ‘raise unsettling questions’

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Scientists have found that, so far, a complete genetic readout would be a poor substitute for the traditional blood test ...
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Mutations have turned our bodies into a mosaic of cellular variations

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Your body has about 40 trillion cells, and they all arose from a single fertilized egg. But it turns out ...
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Questioning the value of a genetic test for obesity

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Scientists who recently announced an experimental genetic test that can help predict obesity got immediate pushback from other researchers, who ...

Better lung cancer treatment? Immunotherapy drug Keytruda boosts effectiveness of chemotherapy in trial

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There's encouraging news for cancer treatments that stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells. A widely used immunotherapy drug ...

‘Wily’ gene: How RAS—found in 30 percent of all cancers—has eluded treatment for 35 years

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The mutated gene is called RAS, and it's the very first human cancer gene ever discovered. It's also amazingly common ...
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Genetics of height: It may be too complex for scientists to crack the code

[W]hen the human genome was sequenced, scientists like [Joel Hirschhorn, a geneticist at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Broad Institute] ...
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Genetic test results often clash, unable to provide complete picture for cancer treatment

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Two widely used tests to analyze the genetics of tumors often don't come to the same conclusions, according to head-to-head ...

Lack of data from African-Americans skewed understanding of genetics of heart condition

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Scientists have discovered that a common cause of sudden heart death has been misunderstood because researchers didn't appropriately account for ...

Death of New Jersey man from Lassa fever cause for worry?

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An unidentified New Jersey man died after returning home from West Africa, where he had contracted Lassa fever, a virus ...

Are short people predisposed to heart disease?

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Shorter people are more likely than taller folks to have clogged heart arteries, and a new study says part of ...

Rewriting genetics to make genetically modified organisms safer

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Researchers at Harvard and Yale have used some extreme gene-manipulation tools to engineer safety features into designer organisms. This work ...
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Experimental genetically engineered Ebola drug may disable virus

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Plans are afoot to test drugs to treat Ebola in West Africa — and those studies could have far-reaching benefits ...

Scientists document whooping cough’s evolution: Disease only 500 to 600 years old

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Whooping cough was once one of the leading killers of babies around the world. Now that it's largely controlled with ...

Lung cancer DNA detectable in blood test

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One of these days there could well be a simple blood test that can help diagnose and track cancers. We ...

New research on the roots of monogamy

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Fewer than 10 percent of all mammal species are monogamous. In fact, biologists have long disagreed over why monogamy exists ...

What’s swimming in the river? Just look for DNA

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If you want to protect rare species, first you have to find them. In the past few years, biologists have ...

American Association for the Advancement of Science says ‘no’ to GM labeling

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This election season, Californians are being served up gargantuan helpings of advertising about a proposal to require food in the ...