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nhs coronavirus app how the contact tracing app works thumb

‘A new way of life’: UK launches COVID-19 contact tracing system with voluntary self-isolation

Bérengère Sim, Callum Keown | 
A test-and-trace system to find and isolate people who come into contact with coronavirus will be launched in the U.K ...

Can the coronavirus be transmitted sexually? Small study suggests it’s possible

Rupert Steiner | 
The coronavirus disease COVID-19 could be transmitted through sexual intercourse, a new study has concluded, prompting fears of a new ...
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What the rest of the world can learn from Iceland’s mass coronavirus testing project

Nicole Lyn Pesce | 
Big data can come from small places. Iceland’s isolated location and sparse population mean that some vital information about the ...
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Starbucks will debut plant-based Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich in Canada March 3

Tonya Garcia | 
Starbucks Corp. announced [Feb. 26] that it will add a plant-based Beyond Meat Inc. sandwich to the menu in Canada ...
screenshot plant based nuggets blended patties raised rooted

Tyson Foods’ plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets now sold in 7,000 stores

Tonya Garcia | 
Tyson Foods Inc. says plant-based nuggets from its Beyond Meat Inc. competitor Raised & Rooted are now in 7,000 stores, ...
4-16-2019 extreme poverty creditde visu shutterstock

Being poor ‘leaves a mark’ on 10 percent of your genes

Rachel Beals | 
The cycle of poverty isn’t just an economist’s tag slapped on repeat generations of poor, it is actually changing genetics ...
First Date

Before tying the knot, shouldn’t you know your partner’s genetic risks?

Dalton Conley | 
[A]nother technology is afoot that few people know about but that will upend the way we match and reproduce in ...
Screen Shot at PM

Next ‘big thing’ in agriculture? Genetically modified microbes

Matthew Wallenstein | 
Editor's Note: This article was written by Matthew Wallenstein, an associate professor at Colorado State University and director of its ...

Biotech companies seeing IPO market success

Caitlin Huston | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The trading debuts of ...

Are men attracted to brainy women?

Catey Hill | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Men, do smart women ...

China institutes strict measures against surrogate births

Han Wei | 
The central government has said it will take a tougher stance on surrogacy, a practice that has grown underground in ...

Starbucks newest target of anti-GMO campaigners

Green America's GMO Inside campaign today launched a major push to get Starbucks, America's largest coffee chain with more than ...

Genetic modification can help solve global food crisis

Thomas Kostigen | 
The biggest impact investor in the world, Bill Gates, believes one of the solutions to world hunger is through the ...