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Uganda proposes ‘stop-gap’ rules to block GMO crops that could be brought illegally across Kenyan border

Prossy Nandudu | 
The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), plans to draft regulations that will guide the environmental release of Genetically Modified Organisms ...
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Viewpoint: Uganda’s promising GMO crops blocked by anti-science NGOs

Mark Lynas | 
Though Uganda's scientists, working with international partners, have now developed better staple crops, their hands have been tied by the success ...
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Potential of GMOs to combat crop diseases converting skeptical Ugandan politicians

Isaac Ongu | 
Ugandan banana breeders at Kawanda have improved local banana varieties to resist the devastating banana bacterial wilt. ... Potato breeders ...
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Viewpoint: Organic campaigners in Uganda use ‘scare tactics’ to keep GMO crops from farmers

Isaac Ongu | 
The organics are marketed as “sustainable agriculture”, “agro-ecology farming”, and “farming God’s way”. Organic products are branded natural, organic, safe, ...

Ugandan professor: NGO scare-mongering confuses public about GMO crops’ potential for good

Morris Ogenga-Latigo | 
[Editor’s Note: Morris Ogenga-Latigo is a member of the Pan African Parliament and former member of the Uganda National Biosafety ...
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Why Ugandan farmers are blocked from growing biotechnology crops

Michael Otim | 
Editor's Note: This article, written by crop scientists Micheal Otim, discusses a recent print article called “MPs who visited Namulonge ...

Ugandan scientists say prohibitive laws deter innovation as Parliament drafts GMO regulations

Christopher Bendana | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A principal state attorney ...

Ugandan scientists develop disease-resistant banana, but law may prohibit it from reaching farmers

Isaac Ongu | 
Banana bacterial wilt, a disease caused by Xanthomonas bacteria, is so devastating to banana and extremely burdensome and costly to ...

Uganda researchers plead for advanced biotech seeds

Christopher Bendana | 
Just like humans look for the good traits when choosing a partner for procreation, farmers should look for good seeds ...

Regulating research in Uganda does not mean stopping research

Isaac Ongu | 
Regulation should be part of any human activity as it creates a safe boundary for operation. Regulation is part of ...

Ugandan committee questions safety of biotech bill

Moses Mulondo | 
Considering GMOs to be dangerous, a report generated from consultations by the committee on science and technology has cautioned government ...

Ugandan scientists divided on GMO bill

Moses Mulondo | 
Going by the contradicting views from various stakeholders including disagreements among scientists, Parliament will have an uphill task in refining the ...

Uganda scientists develop wilt resistant banana

Francis Kagolo | 
Researchers at Kawanda national agricultural research laboratory have developed new varieties of bananas resistant to the devastating banana bacterial wilt ...

Uganda: University ag lecturer lobbies against country’s biotech bill

Gerard Tenywa, Innocent Anguyo | 
The following is an edited excerpt.  For Uganda to embrace Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is a recipe for disaster for ...

Uganda: Genetic modification in crops a natural process of survival

Isaac Ongu | 
The following is an edited excerpt. For organisms to adapt to changing environment, they at times undergo genetic modifications. Naturally, ...

GMOs good for Africa’s development, says Harvard don

Francis Kagolo | 
The following is an excerpt. technology and genetic engineering have the potential to do for agriculture what mobile technology has ...

Ugandan politics blocks GMO oversight

Henry Sekanjako, Joyce Namutebi | 
The following is an excerpt. A Bill whose object includes providing for development and general release of Genetically Modified Organisms ...
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