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GM cassava research progresses in Uganda

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Ugandan researchers are requesting permission to create permanent demonstration gardens of the improved crops ...

Uganda’s GMO bill could become law without President’s assent

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
After more than a decade of deliberations, a bill that governs the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Uganda ...

Young Ugandan biotech advocates push back against scare tactics of European and American-funded anti-GMO African environmental activists

Genetic Literacy Project | 
While many of his classmates worried, Jonan decided to work in defense of biotechnology ...
uganda cotton

Kenya, Ethiopia show neighboring Uganda how to revive its dying cotton industry with pest-tolerant technology

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Cotton, once a cash cow in Uganda where growers aspired to outcompete each other in the acreage covered and income ...
sydya bbumba

Potential of GMOs to combat crop diseases converting skeptical Ugandan politicians

New Vision | 
Ugandan banana breeders at Kawanda have improved local banana varieties to resist the devastating banana bacterial wilt. ... Potato breeders ...
MaizeDroughtResistant x

Viewpoint: Organic campaigners in Uganda use ‘scare tactics’ to keep GMO crops from farmers

New Vision | 
The organics are marketed as “sustainable agriculture”, “agro-ecology farming”, and “farming God’s way”. Organic products are branded natural, organic, safe, ...
MAIZE standard

Ugandan farmers now wonder if they will ever get access to GMO crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Disease-resistant bananas, drought-resistant corn and other GMO crops developed by Ugandan scientists could help farmers increase yields, reduce pesticide use ...
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Blight-resistant GMO potatoes could reduce pesticide use in Uganda

Daily Monitor | 
Uganda is steadily progressing towards having a potato that will not require chemical spraying. ... According to Dr Alex Barekye, ...

South African saga: Anti-GMO activist groups’ disinformation campaign against new disease-resistant corn

Genetic Literacy Project | 
South Africa's corn is already more than 90 percent GMO. An application to introduce an improved, disease-fighting variety has revved ...
farmers picking cotton in Gulu northern Uganda

Uganda becomes newest country to approve growing of GMO, gene-edited crops

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Uganda’s Parliament voted the long-awaited National Biosafety Act of 2017 into law ... ending years of governmental debate over whether ...
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Uganda on track to pass ‘biotech bill’ that should pave way for GMO crop commercialization

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Uganda’s long-awaited national Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill was delayed again yesterday, but is likely to be passed next Tuesday [Oct ...
Drought tolerant without insect resistance

Ugandan journalist: How do you report on crop biotechnology when critics spread misinformation?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Genetic engineering could help Uganda combat some of its toughest food security challenges. But anti-GMO activists' misinformation campaigns are standing ...
Screen Shot at AM

Hidden hunger: How anti-GMO activists are blocking humanitarian biofortification in Africa and Asia

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Many crops grown in the developing world are deficient in nutritional qualities--which makes biofortification critical if we hope to improve ...
mini GMOs

Does Uganda need GMOs? Scientists look to gene editing to spur innovation

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Even as scientists in Uganda and other African countries aggressively push for approvals of new disease-fighting GMO crops, the focus ...
Sweet potato

Uganda: From scorching drought to ravaging worms, poor pay the price for missing out on a biotech solution

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The food and famine crisis is finally bringing to a head the clash between anti-GMO activists, mostly European based, and ...
Working Together display

Shifting political climate in Uganda may block greenlighting of GMOs

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The Ugandan Parliament will resume debate on the stalled Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill when lawmakers return from recess later this ...
Frances Nanziri Ugandas Food Evolution Farmer x

Banana wilt, GMOs and Food Evolution: Behind the scenes in Uganda profiling desperate plight of poor farmers

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Despite claims by anti-GMO activists who say crop biotechnology mostly benefits big corporations, African farmers and poor people are the ...
uganda photo

Uganda’s science march reveals love, frustration of young scientists

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Student scientists join global march in support of science, offer their thoughts on where things stand in Uganda ...
Screen Shot at AM

How ‘human bees’, biotechnologists and Gates Foundation are rescuing the African cassava staple

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Neither conventional breeding nor genetic engineering alone can solve the viruses threatening Africa's key crop. Add some Gates' funding and ...

How anti-modern farming agroecology NGOs spread GMO misinformation in Africa

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Europe and US-funded NGOs are spreading scare stories about GMO crops. Cornell Alliance for Science and other groups are trying ...

Biotechnology could remove dirty feet from Uganda’s beloved beer

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Ugandans make beer by squishing banana's with their feet. But biotech may be able to offer a better way that ...
Group members dance in joy because of the liberator cassava variety x

Tanzanian women battle virus-fighting “liberator” cassava but challenges loom

Genetic Literacy Project | 
With the introduction of GMO crops still stalled in Tanzania, farmers and scientists are pressing ahead with alternative advanced farming ...

D-Day approaches for Uganda’s Biosafety law, which could pave way for GMO crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Ugandan scientists allied with farmers and students clash with anti-GMO activists over long-delayed biosafety bill that could lead to introduction ...

View from Uganda: Anti-GMO critics smear Cornell, African science communicators

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Cornell Alliance for Science has come under attack for reportedly promoting GMOs with dishonest, industry driven messages. But what is ...
Screen Shot at PM

Why Iowa State ‘fortified’ GM banana trials are vital to Uganda

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Despite protests, many Ugandans could benefit from Iowa State research into 'golden banana.' ...
Screen Shot at PM

Uganda’s President Museveni endorses GMOs, tipping scales in reluctant parliament

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Talking directly to members of the Ugandan Parliament and several farmers who continue to suffer the burden of banana bacterial ...
Nick and crew banana

‘Know GMO’ documentary, filming in Africa, challenges anti-GM scare campaign

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Documentary filmmakers travel to Uganda with hopes of bringing better understanding based on facts, evidence and science to the greater ...
Screen Shot at PM

Activists threaten adoption of virus resistant GMO cassava that could rescue Africa’s staple

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Anti-GMO activists caught spreading scare stories and lies about virus resistant and nutritionally enhanced GMO cassava ...
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