Shifting political climate in Uganda may block greenlighting of GMOs


The Ugandan Parliament will resume debate on the stalled Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill when lawmakers return from recess later this month.

One of the setbacks in passing biosafety regulations in most African countries is the lack of political will in the face of determined opposition from some anti-GMO groups. In Uganda, this seems to be shifting, with both majority leaders and President Museveni speaking in support of the bill…However, the position of First Lady Janet Museveni…is critical. She has not come out publicly to advance any position, but recently convened a meeting for scientists who are involved with GM trials and those who are against GMOs…Politicians prefer to create debates where those who are for biotechnology face off against those who are opposed. Most scientists prefer to avoid such arrangements, citing the emotional tenor and lack of facts that characterize the other side.

One positive side to the delay could be greater public awareness about biotechnology, which has lately attracted more debates on social media, with more people coming out boldly in support. As a result, passage of the bill in Uganda could perhaps be accompanied by greater public acceptance of the technology.

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