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Biotech critics in Oregon look to overturn state’s block of local GMO bans

Mateusz Perkowski | 
Biotech critics are calling on Oregon lawmakers to overturn a prohibition against local government restrictions on genetically engineered crops because ...

Opponents clash on Oregon GMO labelling debate

Hillary Borrud | 
Representatives of the campaigns for and against the measure on the Nov. 4 ballot that would require labeling of food ...

Oregon nutritionist on why mandatory GMO label measure is misguided

Ruth Carey | 
As a nutritionist and dietitian for 30 years, I understand how important it is for food labels to be accurate ...

Fundraising by opponents of GMO labels outpaces advocates in Oregon

Peter Wong | 
So far the No on 92 campaign has raised more than $1 million, about $800,000 of which is still on ...

Oregon’s GMO labeling initiative depends on ‘urban’ votes

Mateusz Perkowski | 
The fate of Oregon’s genetically modified organism labeling initiative will hinge on whether heavy spending by opponents can overcome the ...

Oregon now at forefront of national GMO debate

Jennifer Anderson | 
A battle is being waged in Oregon’s grocery stores, wheat and sugar beet fields, restaurant tables and pantry shelves. The long-simmering ...