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DNA influences ability to ‘read’ others’ emotions by looking at their eyes

Rick Nauert | 
Emerging research suggests our DNA influences the ability to read a person’s thoughts and emotions from looking at their eyes ...
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Depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia and autism genetically linked

Traci Pederson | 
Five major mental illnesses — depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia and autism — are traceable to the same inherited genetic ...

Does epigenetics give credibility to placebo effect and mind’s healing powers?

James D. Baird | 
In 2008, the National Institutes of Health announced that $190 million had been earmarked for epigenetics research over the following ...

Epigenetic changes may spur autism

Jane Collingwood | 
Recent findings suggest that certain environmental factors can influence the development of autism spectrum disorder. About one in 100 people ...

Scientists edge closer to identifying bipolar risk genes

Traci Pedersen | 
Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have taken a major step toward identifying the specific genes that ...

Sleeping too much, or not enough, increases genetic risk of depression

Janice Wood | 
Two new studies published in the journal Sleep have found a link between sleep duration and depression. “Healthy sleep is ...

Genes influence if you shrug off punishment or take it to heart

Traci Pederson | 
A new study reveals that certain genes related to serotonin or dopamine influence how we make choices based on rewards ...

Gene therapy used to improve memory in mice

Rick Nauert | 
Researchers for years have been on a tantalizing quest to develop a drug to slow age-related memory loss. In recent research, ...

Rare genetic changes linked to schizophrenia

Traci Pedersen | 
Rare genetic changes that may be responsible for the development of schizophrenia have been identified by scientists at the Centre for Addiction ...

Persistant RNA linked to mental disorders

Janice Wood | 
The following is an excerpt. How do the faulty brain circuits involved in mental disorders such as autism or retardation ...

Genetics influences depression medication’s efficacy

Rick Nauert | 
The following is an excerpt. Unfortunately, antidepressant drugtherapy does not work for everyone. But new research finds that improved identification of genomic predicators ...

Twin study finds genetics role in personality disorders

Rick Nauert | 
A Norwegian study of twins expands the role of genetics in the development of a personality disorder, yet cautions that ...
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