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Masculinity crisis? Social roles and what defines manhood are in flux

Catherine Aponte | 
Usually, masculinity is defined in terms of various lists of traits or characteristics. However, there is no authoritative list of such ...
why do dogs eat poop

Why do so many dogs eat human poop?

Hal Herzog | 
Molly, our beloved Labrador retriever, certainly loved to eat poop. Sometimes she would chow down on her own feces, and ...

Lithium comeback: The use of the ‘penicillin of psychiatry’ to treat bipolar disorder is resurging

Mark Ruffalo | 
A quick literature search for lithium therapy reveals a multitude of recent articles on its superior efficacy in the treatment ...
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Why did menopause evolve?

Robert Martin | 
To explain menopause, any hypothesis needs a plausible evolutionary scenario. It is reasonable to assume that the chimp/human common ancestor ...
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Could COVID-19 cause wives to cheat? How pandemics affect sexual desire

Martin Graff | 
The coronavirus has impacted society and affected our behaviour in many ways from an increase in our use of social ...
sex addiction

Why it’s so hard to call someone a sex addict: ‘Who’s to say what’s normal or abnormal’

Michael Castleman | 
Today we have a tiny number of true sexual compulsives who do things like getting repeatedly arrested for public masturbation. We ...

Second psychopharmacology revolution: New drugs could change the way we treat depression

Charles Zorumski, Eugene Rubin | 
The field of psychopharmacology was born during the 15 years between 1955 and 1970. Now, nearly 60 years later, the field of psychiatry may ...
american psycho

5 things we get wrong about psychopaths

Azadeh Aalai | 
There are a number of myths that pervade pop culture regarding psychopaths. Here is my take on some of the ...
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Viewpoint: New psychological guidelines targeting toxic masculinity are ‘profoundly anti-male’

Edward Kruk | 
Amidst the many challenges faced by many North American fathers in their efforts to maintain some semblance of meaningful involvement ...
poster p how to be a success at everythinghow your brain reacts to change

Viewpoint: Psychiatry still hindered by all the things we don’t understand about the brain

Joe Herbert | 
The heart is not a mystery. We know a great deal (not everything) about how it pumps blood around the ...
bigstock illusion of mind

Viewpoint: What is ‘consciousness’ and what role does it play in evolution?

Steven Hayes | 
One of the biggest challenges in evolutionary science is to explain the evolution of consciousness. While that is widely recognized, ...
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6 things we don’t understand about psychopaths

Julia Shaw | 
Journalists and fiction writers and even psychologists and criminologists have gone to great lengths to both mystify and make monsters out of ...
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Using genetic tests to tailor antipsychotic treatments to individual patients

Abigail Fagan | 
Scientists are tapping individuals’ genetic profiles to learn which patients will respond to antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia. The pursuit is ...
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Arguing for and against consciousness in single-celled organisms

Paul Thagard | 
A provocative new book by Arthur Reber argues that bacteria are conscious and that the origins of mind are found ...

How female psychopaths differ from their male counterparts

Melissa Burkley | 
It is important to keep in mind that psychopathy is a personality disorder. As such it is classified as a mental illness, and ...
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Why people with autism have shorter life expectancies

Michael Ellis | 
Two recent studies will undoubtedly shock individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These studies show a much earlier age ...

Antidepressant withdrawal effects ‘severe’ for more than half of patients, study says

Christopher Lane | 
“More than half (56 percent) of people who attempt to come off antidepressants experience withdrawal effects,” assert the authors of ...

2 brain tests could lead to better autism treatments

Christopher Bergland | 
For the first time, new research from the University of Missouri provides evidence that there may be a correlation between ...

Teens with autism show ‘similar brain activity’ to neurotypical teens after behavioral therapy

Katherine Stavropoulos | 
There is a large amount of evidence that behavioral interventions can change behavior in autism. Most interventions focus on social ...
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Viewpoint: Placebo effect ‘growing more powerful’, and here’s why

Jeremy Safran | 
Over the last several years evidence has been accumulating that placebo effects are becoming more powerful. Clinical trials on a range of ...

Keep hitting the gym: Exercise can help stave off brain deterioration

Christopher Bergland | 
In recent years, there has been a groundswell of science-based evidence linking the triad of (1) brain health, (2) cognitive function, and (3) ...
The human brain tripled in size due to ecological factors x

Our brain is in constant motion—but what makes it tick?

Grant Brenner | 
What makes the brain tick? What keeps the constant stream of energy welling up within ourselves when we are alert ...
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Is life a ‘cosmic accident’ or do humans have a higher purpose?

Michael Price | 
Does humanity exist to serve some ultimate, transcendent purpose? Conventional scientific wisdom gives the answer as a definitive no. … According to [physicist Lawrence ...
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Is human sexuality determined by testosterone’s effect on the brain?

Joe Herbert | 
[Early experiments have shown] that the Y chromosome is essential for the formation of a testis, and it is the ...
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Plants may experience consciousness — but in a different way than humans

Robert Lanza | 
Like us, plants possess receptors, microtubules and sophisticated intercellular systems that likely facilitate a degree of spatio-temporal consciousness. Instead of ...

Amygdala not actually brain’s ‘fear center’

Joseph LeDoux | 
I’ve been studying the amygdala for more than 30 years. When I started this work, research on this brain region was ...