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Viewpoint: 2 reasons GMOs might be the ‘miracle’ Nigeria is looking for

Greg Odogwu | 
As Nigeria gets slammed with another gavel of shame – this time called the Misery Index – we suddenly realize ...
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Nigerian Academy of Science speaks out in support of GMO adoption

Greg Odogwu | 
When the Nigerian Academy of Science recently endorsed the country’s experimenting with Genetically Modified Organisms, generally known as GMOs, one ...
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Nigeria expected to introduce GMO rice, bean and sorghum crops within 2 years

Everest Amaefule | 
The first set of genetically modified crops approved by the Federal Government is to be released in the country in ...

Monsanto, researchers will collaborate on Nigeria’s first GMO cotton variety

Alex Abutu | 
. . . [Nigeria could see] the production of the first set of Genetically Modified cotton also known as Bt cotton ...

Lack of funding in Nigeria hindering biotechnology research efforts

Charles Abah | 
A professor, Olufunmilayo Adebambo, has said that the country is missing in the development and utilisation of its biotechnological potential. Adebambo, ...